Ingenious people are makers through and through.

They mix whatever resources they have on hand with a helping of imagination and a dose of can-do optimism. So what if it’s never been done or it seems impossible? People with ingenuity have the will and they find the way. They are amazing collaborators at the eleventh hour, when time is running out and the stakes are high. Or when budgets and staffing have taken a hit.

If this is your superpower

You are highly self-sufficient, but that can make you harder to collaborate with. Don’t be afraid to bring people into your process and reveal the methods behind your magic.

Sometimes your solutions can be brilliant in the short term but not always sustainable. Pair with systems thinkers or gap finders on the team to bolster your work for the long term.

If you’re working with them

Ingenious people thrive on independence. Don’t try to hem them in with rigid processes and protocols. They hate playing by the rules.

They do their best work under pressure. So, make sure there’s a steady supply of meaty challenges.